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This is where I spend most of my time whether it be working from my imagination and creating from start to finish or working on VFX for a film or production. The whole film thing is pretty new to me but I'm learning and fast. I've been lucky enough to have a couple of top industry guys on speed dial to help me learn a lot faster so what was once waaay over my head is now how I start to visualise. It's scary when that happens. I can no longer watch a Marvel film without looking at the SFX and apart from the render time I'm pretty sure I could do pretty much all of that!!!

Below are a small selection of some of my work.

(Click on the images for full screen view)


An experiment of sorts. Jericho is the codename given to a future feature film coming from Eagles Eleven Productions. As withall things E11 I have been allowed to be creative and play. So way before the script is even finished artwork is dropping on Instagram in triplets. It's the future folks... InstaTeasers...


Full Vehicle Wraps

Comissioned by two Obstacle Course Race companies to design their fleet signage. The Elements OCR and Zeus Races both sporting fully wrapped vehicles. Zeus being extra tricky as their trucks were the same make but different models and the designs were to match.

Simple Square Logo
Eagles Eleven Logo and Text No background
Phoenix 01 Pink
BC Bronzed Clear Background
SRS 01 Green 01.1
GL Joinery Wood

Logo Design

A few logos I've been asked to design here and there. And unlike some 'cost effective' sites that offer standardised pre formatted designs for let's say a fiver I tend to produce everything by hand then in Illustrator so you won't just get a jpg file. So when you want to do something more than print your logo on a white background your chosen designer doesn't have to spend hours remaking your logo for you.

Tech Tee Range 2016
SS Comp Range 2016
LS Comp Range 2016
Leggings Range 2016

Compression Sportswear

For a few years RunFlex was at the top of the game for bespoke compression sportswear. It originated in Obstacle Course Racing and rapidly became one of the top suppliers. I worked the designs and along with the manufacturing company developed a unique way of setting items to print without the need for vectorized images, producing photo real quality prints. For a number of years we we're the only ones to use this technique.

These are just a few of the bespoke designs we produced.

Final Poster
Poster Complete 01

Image Manipulation

Just a couple of posters and pieces of random artwork I've been involved with. Mostly Photoshop work although every now and again something needs a little Illustrator addition.

Would love to take full credit for the 'Party of Valice' poster however only the font work is mine. The rest was put together by their awesome photographer and needed absolutely nothing touching.

Rancid Designs.

Burton on Trent. UK.

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