Film & Animation


RD 1st Reveal FX

Adobe After Effects & Illustrator

One of my first attempts at learning After Effects once I'd finished my RD logo. Many thanks to Andrew Kramer @ Video Copilot for the epic tutorial and the project files....

Some more logo FX

Adobe After Effects & Illustrator

More learning Ae and adding to my skills. Many thanks to Andrew Kramer @ Video Copilot for the epic tutorial....

'Party of Valice' SFX

Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro & Illustrator

A little Ae neon sign effect and some scene setting for a Great Northern Productions feature film 'Party of Valice'. The original footage of the house came with no sky and believe it or not there wasn't a storm rolling in either.


Adobe After Effects & BandLab

Another neon sign, this time for a stage production of 'NINE' by Unchained Theatre Company @ The Drayton Arms Theatre, London.

The sound effects were created using multi layering of various sounds in BandLab Studio then the flickering made to match(ish).

Borderlands 3 Tribute

Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop & Illustrator

The excitement for the reveal of Borderlands 3 was just to much so while learning new Ae skills I just had no choice but to indulge my inner child...


Rancid Designs.

Burton on Trent. UK.

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